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IMMACULATE HAIR CLINIC (P) LTD. was established by hair loss sufferers. In searching for a solution to their hair loss situations, they had encountered ineffective treatment methods and unethical business practices from the local hair replacement centers, studios and clinics.

After years of detailed research into the most effective hair loss treatment methods, they realized that they had become experts. They decided to establish a new centre, determined to ensure that their clients would not have to endure the same frustrations and excessive financial commitments to which they had been exposed. Since its establishment, IMMACULATE HAIR CLINIC has been committed to an effective, responsible and ethical approach to treating hair loss.

Understanding that each individual's hair issue is unique, IMMACULATE HAIR CLINIC has researched all available hair loss products and procedures and has carefully selected only those products and methods that have been proven to offer a real and cost effective solution to their clients.


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