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                  CANCER WIGS  :-


IMMACULATE'S Cancer Wigs solution for medically-caused hair loss is not your typical "Cancer Wig". Our Cancer wigs can be attached to the scalp for long periods of time. Our Cancer wigs are made with 100% human hair and our premium Cancer wigs, or "hair systems" are FDA approved.

Our Cancer wigs can be ordered in advance of medical treatment - before you lose your hair. We will then create a custom Cancer wig that exactly duplicates your own hair and style so that you are always seeing a healthy you that you recognize when you look in the mirror. Medical experts agree that when Cancer patients maintain their healthy and natural appearance, the patients heal faster.

IMMACULATE is pleased to introduce the innovative and FDA-Approved medical prosthesis for medical-related hair loss such as Cancer. The Mayfair HRD (Hair Reconstruction Device) is a temporary Cancer Wig-like prosthetic that breathes like your skin and capable of instantly restoring a patient’s natural, healthy appearance while recovering from Cancer or other illnesses that initiate hair loss.

Hair Loss as a result of Cancer treatment, unfortunately, is a very common hair loss condition.  During the course of some Cancer treatments, the patient’s hair may be lost gradually, entirely or only in certain places.  Sometimes it will only thin the hair.  Fortunately, many will experience hair regrowth in six months to one year from the cessation of your treatment. 

                                                         Cancer wigs and radiation

With radiation, hair loss will mostly occur at the site of application, but patients report hair loss in other locations depending on the frequency, duration and intensity of the treatment.  Initially hair regrowth may be a different texture or quality than the original hair. Our Cancer wigs are capable of restoring your natural appearance no matter what sort of hair loss condition you experience.



                                                     Cancer wigs and chemotherapy

Contrary to popular myth, not all forms of chemotherapy cause hair loss.  Consult your doctor to determine whether or not the drugs you are or will be taking will have this affect.  When hair loss due to chemotherapy does occur, it is usually not immediate and the amount varies. If hair loss does occur, you may restore your natural look right away by using a IMMACULATE’S Cancer wig.

                                             Order Cancer wig prior to your treatment

A free consultation with one of our expert Cancer wig consultants prior to your treatment will ensure that we are able to match your Cancer wig perfectly with the quality, style and characteristics of your hair as they are now.

                                             Cancer wigs allow you to focus on healing

So that patients may focus on healing themselves, IMMACULATE offers means of combating this emotionally and psychologically challenging issue.

Because hair loss in these matters is most often temporary, your best option is always non-surgical Cancer wig hair systems, topical ointments and specially formulated shampoos.

If finances are a determining factor, insurance coverage is often extensible to hair loss arising from a course of medical treatment.  If prescribed by your doctor, your insurance may cover a portion of the costs associated with your Cancer wig.



                HRD – Hair Reconstruction Device FR CANCER PATIENTS

Partial or complete Hair Loss due to a medical condition such as radiation or Chemotherapy treatments can be emotionally devastating to a patient already suffering from the primary medical condition.

We believe that looking your best helps you feel better, which helps you heal better. Many limit themselves to wearing wigs (which are hot, unrealistic looking and having a fringe), as well as scarves and hats, which offers little comfort or a healthy-looking appearance, which is vital to healing.

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