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                               HAIR REPLACEMENT:-


When we speak of the term “hair replacement " we are speaking of a specific nonsurgical hair loss solution. When we speak of "hair restoration" we are speaking of a specific surgical hair loss solution, also known as "hair transplant surgery".

Though the two terms are often used interchangeably in the hair loss industry, they are absolutely two different solutions.  Also known as nonsurgical “hair systems”, these high-end toupees typically represent some sort of extremely durable mesh base that is colored to match your skin tone.  High-end European hair (or Asian hair for Asian clients or Indian hair for Indian clients) is tied to this mesh base using special knotting techniques that not only fasten the hair to the base, but also allow the knots to disappear on the base giving the illusion of hair growing out of the head.

Once the hair is tied to the base, the knots are sealed at the bottom of the mesh base to discourage the knots from unfastening and causing excess hair to fall out.  The hair is generally the same color match as the client’s own hair, but sometimes the hair on the hair system must be colored to match the client’s hair.

Prior to creating the hair system, a specially trained designer will take a mold of the client’s head and proceed to design the hair system, taking into account age-appropriate recession of the hairline, the hairline itself, cowlicks and part.  Is the hair parted on the left or the right?  A hair sample is taken to match color.

Designing and producing a nonsurgical hair system – a hair replacement solution – takes skill and artistry.  It has to be perfect in order to blend in with a client’s existing hair.   An entirely separate level of creative artistry comes into play when the hair system is “cut in”, meaning when the hair systems is adhered to the client’s head.  The hair system is adhered by either liquid adhesive or tape adhesive or clips.

It is then up to the talented and creative stylist attach it to the client’s head and to style the hair system so that it perfectly blends in with the client’s existing hair.  At this point, it makes little difference how good a hair system is produced and to what specifications if this last step isn’t done correctly.

At IMMACULATE HAIR CLINIC we have mastered all steps of nonsurgical hair replacement in order to replace the hair exactly as it was on your head before you lost your hair.


Straight Talk from the Start...

Since you are reading this brochure, chances are you’ve been dealing with a Hair Loss condition for some time. You’ve probably changed your hairstyle to hide your Hair Loss condition, or tried various Hair Loss products and clinics that made promises they couldn’t deliver. Maybe you’ve even felt jealous of your friends who are not yet experiencing Hair Loss. When you look in the mirror, perhaps you barely recognize the person staring back at you.

Welcome to IMMACULATE HAIR CLINIC, the company that understands not only how Hair Loss adversely affects a person’s life but also how to solve all Hair Loss conditions. Here at IMMACULATE, we know what a devastating effect hair loss can have on self-esteem and self-image. Hair has a lot to do with how we see ourselves. We grew up with hair, moved into our lives with hair. It not only framed our faces, for many of us, it defined our youth and virility. And despite the fact that 80% of men will eventually experience male pattern Hair Loss, that doesn’t lessen the blow when it finally happens to us.

There are solutions to your Hair Loss condition. You can have your life back. When you look in the mirror you can see a new you..more younger more smarter

Every day, clients walk into our Hair Replacement studios looking to change their lives. They know they've lost their hair, their natural appearance, but they suspect they've lost something even more essential. Each has his own story and his own reasons for wanting to restore the hair he used to have. When they leave, they go back into their lives with something they thought they'd lost for good – their self-confidence and their self-esteem.

Here at IMMACULATE we’re proud of what we do. We perform the art of Hair Replacement at a very high level. The photos you see in this section represent just a sampling of our thousands of satisfied Hair Replacement clients’ before and after pictures. Go ahead. Take a close look at them. We think you’ll agree that our Hair Systems are virtually undetectable. Restoring a clients’ natural appearance is the first step toward restoring a client’s life. This is what we do at IMMACULATE HAIR CLINIC.


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