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                       OUR STORY:-


The owners of IMMACULATE HAIR CLINIC (P) LTD. had an idea some years that grew out of their frustration with how the hair loss industry operated both in the INDIA and worldwide: it was seemed as if profit was the driving force rather than the need to restore people's sense of well-being.

Being hair loss sufferers, we had a dream to create a company that was radically different; one based on the principle of people-first, not profit.  This passion introduced a new way of thinking in the industry; a philosophy based on Trust, Compassion and Creativity as well as being Customer-Dedicated; a philosophy that would offer our clients style and creativity while we provide industry-leading solutions under the roof of one “sanctuary”.

That "Sanctuary" became IMMACULATE HAIR CLINIC - a friend, an advocate; a place where real solutions that work are offered and where Hair Loss sufferers' needs are understood, their best interests taken to heart, and where they are never just a number.

                                                      The IMMACULATE mission

IMMACULATE HAIR CLINIC' mission is to improve the lives of our clients through the dedication and commitment of our talented team, our industry-leading technology, our creativity, compassion and unshakable belief in showing the industry and our clients that “There Is A Better Way”. We are committed to our core values of Trust, Innovation, and Dedication to People, Creativity and being an agent for change in an industry that has resisted change.  We are singularly focused on providing top quality hair loss solutions in a sanctuary that always puts the client first.

IMMCAULATE HAIR CLINIC understand that only by performing our services at the highest possible level of professionalism and compassion – while providing innovative and creative Hair Loss solutions that work – is it possible to restore more than just the natural appearances of our clients.  When we perform at the level that is our daily goal, the client gets back his hair, his natural youthful appearance, his self-confidence and self-esteem; in short, we restore life.

To IMMCAULATE, life is about the precious and fleeting moments and nothing should stop you from enjoying every one of those moments, least of all hair loss.

                                                        The IMMACULATE Vision

IMMACULATE HAIR CLINIC' vision of the future is simple: to increase our reach and influence in the Hair Loss industry so as to improve the lives of the greatest number of people who are suffering from Hair Loss and restore all that they have lost.

Through our dedication to trying to be one of the industry's leaders, a client-first oriented company, we aim to satisfy all who come to us seeking a solution to their hair loss. We will continually refine and better 'The IMMACULATE'S Way' which involves providing a sanctuary for sufferers, being compassionate, offering creativity and style to our customers, constantly generating progressive ideas and products, integrity, and adding great value to all who come to us. We are focused specialists addressing the total needs of hair loss sufferers; we are compassionate and professional in all we do.

We are in the business of improving peoples' lives.  We cultivate long-lasting relationships with our clients.  Our brand, its values, creativity, efforts, products, financial results/performance, talented leadership, and experienced team will continually provide positive benefits all those we associate with us.  


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