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                      FAQ about Cancer Wigs and Cancer-related Hair Loss

                               Questions and Answers...

Why is the Mayfair Hair Reconstruction Device Undetectable? 

               The MHRD is designed specifically to produce a natural appearance.  It is constructed of the very           best quality materials including a super-fine mesh base that blends to the skin and style and color-matched hair.

What is a Mayfair Hair Reconstruction Device? 

A Mayfair Hair Reconstruction Device (MHRD) is a prosthesis created specifically for Hair Loss as a result of medical treatment. An MHRD provides a natural look and feel to mask the side effects of treatment and to allow the patient to focus on what is most important: healing.


Are the materials hypoallergenic? 

 Yes, all of the materials used have no known allergens. The hair and base are both treated to ensure that they will maintain a hypoallergenic state throughout your use.


Are the materials used safe for while I am being treated? 

All of the materials we use in production of our MHRD are tested and considered safe for wear during medical treatment.  

Can climate humidity and/or my own perspiration damage the unit? 

No, the MHRD is specifically designed to work with your body’s natural function, it breathes with your skin and passes perspiration just like your skin would.    

Will it come off in the wind? 

The MHRD is secured firmly to the head and will not come off in the wind.

Is the device a custom fit? 

Yes, in your consultation our representative will design the custom-fit of the MHRD.

Can I wear the MHRD when my own hair begins to re-grow? 

Yes, in fact, we design progressive hair solutions to allow you to maintain a consistent appearance while your hair re-grows.


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