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The IMMACULATE HAIR CLINIC Difference comprises a number of elements that set us apart from every other hair clinics within the industry.  It is a "package" of benefits to our clients that make us special - all by putting clients first.


This is vital to us as trust represents the very foundation we have built our company upon.

Trust that you can depend on our products and services to be the best we can provide.

Trust that our hair loss solutions remain innovative and on the cutting edge of technology and creativity.

Trust that we can deliver on all of our brand promises.

Trust that our product is of high quality and that we will stand behind it if there are any issues.

Trust that the Client comes before profit; that your satisfaction truly comes first.

Trust that your hair loss solution will always allow you to enjoy life with no worries of embarrassment.




Being Hair Loss sufferers, we know the challenges, pain, and stigma that Hair Loss can bring about.  It affects the self-confidence and the self-esteem and self-image.  It can cause social withdrawal and depression, leading to feelings of anger and frustration.  Through this experience, IMMACULATE is a reliable friend that cares about its clients and their well being in every sense of the word.

Visit our Hair Loss studios and you will notice that every client has his or her own personal stylist and studio room where they can relax, have complimentary coffee or tea, read, chat, or simply have a "time out" from life's grueling demands. Your experience should be like a routine trip to the studio where you can have anything hair procedure done from a perm, to high and low lights, to full styling.




At IMMACULATE, we understand that when you lose your hair, you don’t only lose your hair.  You lose your natural appearance; you lose your self-confidence and self-esteem.  You lose your ability to express to the world who you are.  Hair Loss does not only steal your youthful, natural look.  It robs you of life’s pleasures.

Because we understand this, we employ artisans who are sensitive to this fact.  We cultivate creativity, beauty, freedom and style to help you realize your unique look and style.  You tell us who you are.  We’ll help you express that self.

To IMMACULATE, hair is so much more than just hair: it is about self-expression, creativity, beauty, freedom, style, and telling the world who you are. We are artisans, style masters, and realize that hair says so much about you- from conservative business style to London and LA leading-edge looks. It all comes down to what you want, and how we can help you to express yourself.

With fully-staffed, state-of-the-art Hair Loss studios in the United Kingdom, Canada and India, IMMACULATE HAIR CLINIC have been recognized and respected centers for assisting clients in overcoming Hair Loss and its devastating effects. Clients not only appreciate the expertise of IMMACULATE but also our friendly, compassionate and discreet personal service.


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